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Gold Tracks

Track Genre(Main) Artist Region SoundCloud Other Links
? Hardcore Arch vs n3pu Japan Link @_4rch
? Hardcore Aoi Japan Link @BLUEnoup
? Future Cosine South Korea Link @966__P
? Drum N' Bass Jun Kuroda + はがね Japan Link1 Link2 @_JunKuroda @STEEL_PLUS
? Chiptune Kplecraft Japan -- Site
? Artcore mAoA9 Japan Link @mAoA9_com
? Techno Pop P4koo South Korea Link --
? Renaissance pan Japan Link @panbanana0729
? UK Hardcore RiraN South Korea Link @RiraNsama
? Hardcore sky_delta Japan -- @sky_delta
? Breakcore Sobrem South Korea Link --
? UK Hardcore stereoberry Japan Link @stereoberry
? Drumstep Street Japan Link @Street_DTM
? Hardstyle THE3 South Korea Link @edmthe3
? Glitch Hop udouddo Japan Link --
? Hardcore uma Japan Link @uma_0002
? Hardcore YuuSaKi Thailand Link @YuuSaKi_mk2
? Rock からとP feat.脱線ぐーぅ Japan -- @karato_P
? Schranzcore モリモリあつし Japan Link Site
? Epic Mythology 紅葉月梛葉 Japan Link @virin_kato
? Oriental 影翔鼓舞 Japan Link @Kagetora0610

Silver Tracks

Track Genre(Main) Artist Region SoundCloud Other Links
? House 5argon Thailand Link @5argondesu
? Trancecore Cashew Indonesia Link Facebook Fanpage
? Tranceplextro DJ Counterforce x LiGHTSPEED Indonesia Link --
? Dubstep D_AAN Indonesia Link --
? Dubstep Hazel-D South Korea Link @brad14051
? Breaks Kamisys South Korea Link @Kamisys
? Breaks K.AyuTAka Japan -- @AyuTAka00
? Hardcore Lactic Acid Bacteria Japan -- @clps_lab
? Future M-O-T-U Japan Link @_M_O_T_U_
? Schranzcore Pokku'n Japan -- --
? Epic Trance praw South Korea -- --
? Progressive House Rockshell South Korea Link --
? Hardcore Ryazan Taiwan Link @RyazanR4Z
? Bigroom House Sound Souler South Korea Link @sound_souler
? Trancecore Un vs. らせん Japan -- @nU_Un  @rasen_00
? Dubstep 雄之助 Japan Link @bass_ynk

Bronze Tracks

Track Genre(Main) Artist Region SoundCloud Other Links
? Hardcore 1F3rd Japan -- @1F3rdROOM
? Artcore 319 Japan Link @bIE_319
? Electro House adaptor Japan Link @adaptor166
? Hardcore Aurelius Y. Taiwan Link --
? Hardcore DJ TECHNO FREAK Japan Link @yu_ki_otokonoko
? Rotterdam Techno D.F.K.Soundsystem Japan Link @dfk_ohnuma
? Chiptune DJames Indonesia Link @DarkDJames
? Trance dwi kashiwagi Indonesia -- --
? Hardcore FluffyRobotDog USA Link @FluffyRobotDog
? UK Hardcore HazeCat China Link --
? Drum & Trap Kakou France Link --
? Dubstep KeichiP Indonesia Link --
? Metal Breaks kRM Japan Link @logical_kr
? Hardcore MonstDeath México Link Facebook Fanpage
? Drumfunk MoonHare South Korea Link Personal Facebook
? Hardcore NoKANY China --
? Metal Qu-ail Taiwan Link YouTube Channel
? Pianocore Ruvver Japan Link --
? Trance SECTION Indonesia Link Site
? Swing Waltz Shikaku Dot Japan -- @Shikaku_dot
? Trance SLT China -- --
? Psychedelic Hardcore SUi Taiwan Link --
? Hardcore Tada Taiwan Link @tada007007
? UK Hardcore typeMARS Indonesia Link @typemars
? Drum N' Bass Vazio Portugal -- --
? Drum N' Bass Xenoe South Korea Link --
? Trap Yulianto E. Prabowo Indonesia -- Personal Facebook
? Techno ディヴェラ Japan -- @MIX_Destory
? Trancecore 鈴水 SUZUMI Japan Link @kodai0115



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OverRapid 音樂互換


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Mobile music  game on iOS & Android. Music collaboration with Dynamix